Strain vs. Flow: Elite Performers Reveal Their Secrets

Strain vs. Flow: Elite Performers Reveal Their Secrets

Highly trained athletes and military personnel face fierce stressors in competition and military missions, but everyone confronts intense stress at some point. Is it possible to train yourself to respond to stressful situations like an elite performer? Why are some people more resilient than others during episodes of high stress?

Stress Resilience Training for Athletic Performance

Justin Commins is an NCAA national champion and school record holding soccer goal keeper, and a coach of amateur soccer teams in the Los Angeles area. Following a losing season (1 win, 15 losses), Justin and the other coaches adapted lessons from the SRTS app to change the mindset of each player and of the team. Justin credits the following season’s turnaround (10 wins, 5 ties and 5 losses). He then wrote up how he adapted the content from each section of SRTS to create lessons that applied directly to individual athletes and to the team as a whole.


His paper, “SRTS for Sports Preparation,” can be viewed and downloaded here