SRTS was originally developed for U.S. military personnel, and is now used effectively by other individuals and groups to build resilience.

How do we reach these communities?

SRTS for Individual REsILIENCE

SRTS is ideal for personal use to build resilience and self-regulation skills at any time throughout life. Regardless of your motivation for becoming more resilient, SRTS techniques, technology, and training will help you take charge of your response to life’s challenges. SRTS is an important step forward in the movement to quantify personal performance. Use SRTS to:

  • Prepare for a new challenge

  • Perform better in school, at work, in relationships, and in sports

  • Recover faster from illness, trauma, or exertion



Resilience building is most effective when done with others. To help build and maintain resilience, SRTS can be scaled to accommodate any size team or group, and it can be packaged as a turnkey training program. SRTS is a customizable e-learning platform, so its content can be readily tailored to suit specific audiences and to integrate with existing training programs. These features make SRTS a powerful tool for making groups more resilient:

  • Resilience Assessments: the SRTS platform delivers psychometric surveys, and physiologic measures such as HRV capacity. The assessments can be easily tailored to address individual or group needs.

  • Data dashboard: SRTS shows individual users or groups that are training together how their resilience is trending over time. This capability makes it possible to compete with others, and to see when to step up resilience training efforts.

  • Leader App: In group training situations, the Leader App lets leaders keep track of assessment results for individuals or groups so they know when to provide rewards or encouragement. Extremely useful tool for improving team performance!



SRTS is a powerful tool for people in the position to influence the growth and well-being of others. Physicians, nurses, psychologists, teachers, performance coaches, military and law enforcement unit leaders, corporate department heads, and clergy — to name a few — use SRTS to encourage the resilience of others in their care. We can tailor our programs to suit your specific training requirements:

  • One-on-one training: for clinicians, coaches, and leaders

  • Group-training facilitator training: for individuals who need to train groups

  • Viral resilience training: training additional internal personnel to instruct others over time to create a culture of resilience that will pay dividends for years to come!