srts standard


  • Self-paced learning modules and games to build resilience
  • Interactive exercises help you discover what matters most to you; where you get into trouble with “thinking traps”; and how to maintain optimism
  • “Resilience Checks” help solidify what you have learned
  • Real time HRV monitoring increases mental clarity and builds resilience
  • “Adaptive Coaching” provides tips and reminders
  • Full history to track your progress
  • Scientifically validated resilience-building and stress management techniques
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     Download the App

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  • Developed, tested and used by military service members
  • Effective for anyone who needs to perform under pressure including veterans, family members, law enforcement, athletes, students, executives, professional caregivers
  • Powerful training for individuals, teams, or the entire enterprise
  • Transform stressful reactions into calm composure
  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • Improve mental focus under pressure
  • Accelerate recovery from stress
  • Improve coordination and reaction times


In addition to the core features and benefits offered through SRTS Standard, the SRTS PRO version contains the following more advanced features:

  • Psychometric & physiologic assessments to measure resilience for individuals and groups
  • Securely-stored dashboard displays to convey dynamic data visualizations 
  • Personalized imagery and content geared toward each specific audience