“With all my challenges the past few weeks, including being quite ill, I used every tool and technique I learned from SRTS and I got the highest PT score I have ever received.”

“I have been working 7 days in a row. It is surprising that I am feeling good, I am calmer and I have more focus and clarity.”

“I noticed that once I understood how to apply the techniques, I realized that I was actually doing better in all parts of my life. I was able to be more present, I did not get involved or take personally the negative stuff from my co-workers, I found myself feeling more at ease and composed.”

“Doing the techniques I learned from SRTS helps me slow down so I can think more clearly. I used one technique before a test and it helped with the nervous shakes and the anxiety was not as high. I do the techniques after I get into bed and I’m sleeping better. I’m very interested to observe how these skills are impacting my relations with other people.”


- Active Duty Air Force Members following a controlled trial of SRTS in 2013

“As a leader I’ve been through many different psychology-based stress relief programs, but I’ve found this one to be far more effective. I use it in my job every day because the physiology basis of the techniques took it out of the realm of ideas and made it tangible.”

“I absolutely love it! The content is relevant and the videos are engaging and are very well produced. I think it’s important that they are short for most people’s attention spans.”

“Last week I was in a situation in which a person squared off on me and started reaching in his jacket. I went to my breath and activated coherence, and never felt anything but calm. As I noticed the sirens of my backup arriving, I realized my heart was beating slowly. Every other time that has happened, I basically screamed for backup and it took me a whole day to calm down. When my Captain got there, he said he thought I was kidding when I put out the call because I sounded so calm on the radio. He asked what I’d been doing differently. This stuff is for real.”

“I deal with abused women and children. It’s incredibly stressful. This training has been tremendously beneficial to me and I want it implemented in my unit. The vast majority of law enforcement personnel will benefit; the sooner the better.”


- Sworn Civilian Police Officers of the San Diego PD following an evaluation of SRTS in 2013